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Catalog - a division that is engaged in the research and the effectiveness of their own work has been in contact with members of the directory. Research allow to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of our work together and improve the services offered

Tourist services

Accommodation in catalog - this is the most effective way to find real client for both private companies and governmental business organizations, etc. In addition, the proposal from - this is the best quality / price ratio on the market. Recoupment of the information available, usually occurs after a few days, depending on the goods or services.

The number of visitors through in high season exceeds the supply of services and adequate in the regular season.

Placement of companies we provide our services such as: - priotelnyh restaurants and cafes, as well as additional services (sauna, pool, etc.) in the pages of settlements in the catalog improves the competitiveness of both the settlements and facilities providing services . The most attractive segment of potential customers - customers who come for a day or more.

Accommodation in catalog eliminates the problem of misunderstandings and conflicts with customers because of the placement agents false information. The conformity of the online real conditions and service allows customers to avoid unrealistic expectations and subsequent disappointments. Often the cause of the high expectations on the part of the client is inflated price for services by an agent who does the seller service "extreme" in conflict situations.

Accommodation cafes, bars and restaurants in the catalog improves attendance institutions among tourists who stayed in the village. However, indicates that for restaurants, bars, cafes difficult to determine how many visitors they have emerged as a result of placement in the catalog Therefore constantly developing additional rewards programs for restaurants, bars and cafes for tourists who are already in your area.

Tour companies

Placing information on the group and other types of holiday tour operators who organize can be placed on the site the appropriate boxes on the conditions that determine

Leisure (sauna, pool, internet cafe, etc.)

Accommodation in catalog such information is often decisive for tourists chose his place of rest. constantly improving the search capabilities of the site for effective search of leisure facilities.

Advertising - a quality advertising platform to provide information about the many categories of goods and services. clearly distinguishes advertising from nereklamy and does not allow posting on their pages hidden advertising.

Categories of advertising that can not be placed on


political advertising

advertising, which is not in the interest of the target audience of the site and / or will cause an informed warning from the community site

partner sites

affiliate sites

sites, links to existing and a significant number of transitions accept banner advertising in exchange for money or services nada.

Placing links (links)

Links can razmeschatsya in banners of various sizes, buttons and text links. places the links of other sites on the following criteria: bezoplatnoy place clickable links to sources of information under "News".

Sponsorship placing banners and links to sponsors or affiliate sites with the designation of character references (advertising, sponsorship, partnership, Interlink) by mutual agreement.

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