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Google Adwords coupons store

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Магазин купонов Google Adwords

Instructions for using standard Adwords coupons:

- Regional coupons! That is, the promotional code that is issued for Ukraine can only be entered into the account with registration in Ukraine, if the coupon for the Russian Federation is registration with Russia, etc. In other words, the account registration must correspond to the country of issue of the coupon;

- The promotional code can be activated within 14 days from the moment of its creation;

- In order to activate the account and subsequently credit the promotional code, it is necessary to enter the payment data and the coupon itself, make a minimum payment according to the terms of the coupon and fully use it (for Russia, the minimum charge is 500rub + VAT = 600rub., For the USA / Canada - $ 25 and t .d.);

- The bonus is credited according to the terms of the coupon (see the information on promotional codes on the "Buy" links in the table above);

- To redeem a coupon (enter the code into the account) it is necessary strictly within 10 days from the date of purchase.

- Please note that we offer coupons - a tool for impressive savings on advertising.

Our website is not responsible for the status of your account and, if it is blocked (and this happens only if adwords rules are violated that are not directly related to the promotional code), the coupon is not refunded. Contact us and we will "cautiously and correctly" launch your advertisement with significant savings of your funds! Google coupons, google coupons, adwords coupon, adwords coupons, adwords vouchers, adwords vouchers, google adwords coupons, google adwords coupons, google adwords coupons , buy adwords coupon, buy google coupon

For coupons "1500/1500 UAH, 2000/2000 rubles, 3000/3000 rubles," etc. (see the table above) for Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan: The advertiser will receive a bonus equal to the expenses that he will incur (excluding VAT) 31 days after the activation of the promotional code, but not more than the coupon value! In other words, you will receive as much as you spend for a month, but not more than the value of the promo code.

Instructions for entering Adwords coupons:

- In your Adwords account, click the gear in the upper right corner;

- Go to the "Billing" menu, then follow the link "Manage promotional codes";

- Owners of the new interface click on the "Settings" menu and search for the link at the bottom of the page;

- Next, on the opened page, click "+ Promotion code" and enter the coupon code;

- After entering, carefully read the conditions for enrollment;

- Only one coupon can be entered into one account;

- One advertiser can use one coupon.

- Sale of lots from 3, 5 or 10 coupons does not mean that they can be entered into one account! The rules are the same - in 1 acq you can enter 1 coupon!

Instructions on the activation of coupons in screenshots can be viewed here

Terms and conditions for the purchase of Google promotional codes:

All risks with a possible account lockout for any of the reasons you take on. That is, claims in this case are not accepted and refunds for coupons and other your losses are not made. Official coupons are received according to all AdWords rules, and the main blocking factor is your actions in the account and violations of rules not directly related to the coupon! At the same time, do not forget that in the case of a ban, you can return the balance of real money from your account by canceling the acc. If you know how to use coupons correctly, our service is for you.

Buying a coupon (s) you automatically agree with the foregoing.

The guarantee for the replacement of coupons Adwords is distributed within 5 days from the date of purchase and only for coupons with the expired term. We make only a replacement, we do not refund! Exchange of coupons or refunds in all other cases is not provided!

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