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Где вы рекламируете компанию?

Web site promotion, or more correctly as they say - website promotion - one of the most serious problems. You will not be interesting to have a site that will be the last pages of search results in Yandex and Google. Do you agree? It is no accident, therefore, spent many companies a lot of money just to promote the sites.

Our company offers you a contract, which provides not only the creation but also the promotion. Is that beneficial for several reasons. After selection of the semantic core site is already at the design stage. Consequently, the developer site faster and better able to outline a strategy for promoting a web site, including a competent selection of keywords and optimizing internal site.

Agreement with us for a comprehensive service to avoid common mistakes. Often the site owner ordered to articles immoderate number of keywords or keyword, having a tendency to drop statistics on demand. Of course, these points can be tracked independently. But how many of you at this izrashoduete of his precious time? Is not it better to entrust it to people who are engaged in the line of duty this time?

There are other errors that allow for certain "optimizers." For example, one should always bear in mind that search engines, especially Yandex, perfectly recognize spam. The popularity of the site, while falling sharply. Often exaggerated attention paid to TCI indicators and PR. These figures are undoubtedly important, but not the principal. Therefore, promotion of sites - the problem complex. Of great importance in its decision is the right choice promotion strategy.

As already noted, of paramount importance for the promotion of websites is the correct choice of keywords. You probably do go to a site that is literally "stuffed" keywords that are irrelevant to the text itself. Do you want to re-enter them, especially without extreme need? It is not true, also, to consider the correct choice of keywords to the maximum requests. First, the competition here will also be maximum. And secondly, this approach, there is no guarantee the site is attracting the target audience.

Foregoing reasons, we believe, have convinced you that the selection of the semantic core site and the formation of promotion strategy - key elements in solving this problem. And who better than the developers of the site to cope with her decision? We choose independently the keywords which are most relevant to the theme of a site. Of great importance, in this case, will be paid to the readability of the material, the organic integration of keywords.

And, of course, talking about the content of the site, you can not ignore the uniqueness of topic papers. Abuse of keywords is not only drastically reduces the readability of articles, but also its uniqueness.

Thus, the site that hosts such material falls sharply rating. On the other hand, the regular filling of the site unique content - one of the most reliable methods for continuous improvement of a site's ranking in search engines.

Thus, the benefits of integrated services your site is self evident. Turning to the professionals, you can safely engage in their own affairs, not worrying about the state of the site. It will always be the best.

Our website offers tailored solutions for each customer. Depending on the subject and competition, we will select the best option to promote your site, thereby guaranteeing not only the top positions in search engines, but also a constant stream of visitors to your web site, many of which will soon become your customers!

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